Chapter Ride Clasifications

Chapter Riding Classifications

“A” Ride - Planned with the advanced rider in mind:

  • May be a full day or multiple day ride.
  • Longer duration between stops.
  • Faster pace.
  • May involve interstate highway riding at 5 miles above posted speed limit (for safety).
  • May involve extremely winding or challenging roads.
  • May involve major city negotiation.

“B” Ride - Planned with all riders in mind:

  • May be a full day or a partial day ride.
  • More frequent stops.
  • Moderate pace.
  • May involve limited interstate highway riding..
  • May involve winding roads but not extreme.
  • Involves both rural areas and small towns.

“C” Ride – Planned for new riders or riders who are new to group riding in mind:

  • Time spent on hand signals, adverse condition signaling, etc.
  • Smaller groups.
  • Shorter duration.
  • Leisurely pace.
  • Rural riding.